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Imagine having a peaceful relationship with food.

What would it be like to build a new life for yourself through the power of awareness?

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We can offer you an evidence-based online program, with daily support that helps you overcome emotional eating through the practice of mindfulness. Join our online community, live guided meditation sessions and expert webinars, facilitated by our experienced coaches offering you personal support and live feedback.

What Are You Going To Master?


Diets don’t work. Most of us know this. Instead of following a rigid diet plan that sets us up to fail, you can relearn to self-regulate your food intake and regain confidence in your body’s internal cues and signals, making your eating experience calm and satisfying.

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Emotional Flexibility

Food and emotions are connected, meaning how we eat and how we feel are influenced by one another. By cultivating emotional flexibility, through the practice of mindfulness meditation you can soothe emotional hunger and create nourishing eating habits more easily.

Food Freedom

On average, we think about food 250 times a day. Often these thoughts are automatic, obsessive and intrusive, a bit like an unwelcome guest that won’t shut up and won’t go away. It is possible to learn how to deal with them and find freedom, letting food take its rightful place at the table, instead of taking over your life.

Who Will Guide You?

Linn Thorstensson

Nutrition Therapist and Mindful Eating Instructor. A former emotional eater who has found peace with my body and nourishment from food. ✅ In Breaters I will guide and encourage you to learn to trust your body and to treat yourself as a good friend.

Dr Cinzia Pezzolesi

Clinical Psychologist, and Mindful Eating Teacher. ✅ At Breaters I will run webinars and oversee the quality and alignment of the programme to the principles of mindful eating.

Giorgio Serafini Prosperi

Mindfulness counselor, writer and meditation instructor. Formerly obese, I achieved a weight loss of 60 kilos, maintained over time. ✅ In Breaters I will teach you how to use your awareness to regain inner balance.

How Breaters Works

Awareness The principles of Mindfulness allow us to leave behind the suffering of having a conflictive relationship with food and our bodies. Together we will discover how meditation can help us look at ourselves and the world around us with fresh eyes. New Habits We will help you cultivate a new space of freedom between the things that trigger your eating behaviours and your automatic habitual reactions. You will develop a sense of openness and trust in your body and your emotions which will in turn lead to a perfectly normal and natural relationship with food. Kindness & Self Compassion We will support you in letting go of your inner judgemental thoughts and negative views of yourself and others so you can learn to love yourself again, warts and all! You will learn how you can become a friend and support to yourself.

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How Much Time Do I Need To Commit?

It takes just 15 minutes a day to change your relationship to food and eating. The full Breaters program lasts 6 months to give you the time needed to internalise change and establish new eating behaviours. You can cancel your subscription at any time.  


"I was over 200 pounds overweight and it was a very difficult time in my life. I had tried every diet, but it didn't work. My experience in Breaters confirmed to me that struggling with weight concerns is also a spiritual and relational problem and cannot be solved with a simple diet, but with a deep review of oneself and one's lifestyle. Learning to discern the difference between emotional hunger and real hunger for those who struggle with weight concerns and eat in excess is not a simple thing. The Breaters Programme is great to focus on this thanks to an innovative process where you receive messages of guidance and support daily. The expertise of the various coaches and their great sense of humanity has been the added value that has helped me a lot to regain ownership of my life."

Furio Panizzi

"I started the journey, deciding to try again. But this time it is different: I have some rules, which I have chosen, general directives within which I can move freely, but above all I have stopped thinking of this path as a diet that will end sooner or later. What really makes the difference is the commitment to dedicate a certain amount of time every day to meditation, to be aware of my relationship with food but also to look with lucidity at the many other aspects of my life, which in the end are the cause of my eating excess because I am not used to listening to me in depth".

Roberta Capasso

"The Breaters' Program is a unique, complete and powerful experience for me. It has really enriched me and offered me resources that have been a fundamental discovery. I am followed by professionals of great expertise and great human depth that I thank infinitely."

Alessandra Loffredo

What Is Included In The Program?

  •  An Online Evidence-Based Programme With Daily Assistance Every day you will unlock text and video messages that guide you on the path of awareness.
  •  Email Support From A Coach You have the opportunity to email your questions, and get help you improve your habits and guidance along the way from one of our coaches who will answer you directly
  • Live Coaching Support You can schedule an individual 15 min online face-to-face zoom sessions with your coach to discuss your progress together along the way too.
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  • Online Community Get in touch with other people who are also on the journey, in a safe welcoming and positive environment.
  • Sharing Groups An online live fortnightly zoom group to share your experiences, asking questions and let go of any anxieties and fears that may have come up during the process. The sharing groups are facilitated by one of our coaches.
  • Weekly Live Guided Meditations And Webinars Every week there will be a live guided meditation session and every other week there will be a 30min expert webinar going deeper into a specific topic.

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  • A programme with daily content designed for you
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  • 15 min face to face call with a coach
  • Weekly live guided meditations
  • Online community
  • Online sharing groups via Zoom
  • Fortnightly webinars
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