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The Breaters method is a way to work with one’s dysfunctional relationship with food and body through the practices of meditation and mindfulness. We focus on healing the emotional suffering, rather than trying to “fix” the emotional discomfort through diets and weight control.

Breaters will help you build emotional resilience and self-regulation through the practice of mindfulness, and with specific meditations aimed at widening tolerance to challenging emotions such as anxiety, stress, fear, frustration, and a sense of inadequacy. These emotions impact how we relate to food and eating when we use food as a coping tool.

Working on developing kindness towards oneself (self-compassion) and learning to tune into one’s own needs, helps us develop a deep and lasting change in our relationship with food and our bodies.

The practice of Mindful Eating promotes our innate ability to eat according to hunger and fullness cues and to develop and cultivate our emotional resilience, without resorting to external focused interventions such as dieting or weight control.

The Team


I was born in 1968. I have worked in all areas of the field of writing: theatre critic, journalist, playwright (I have won several important prizes as a theatre author), television author, film subject. In my second life I started practicing yoga and meditation. I teach awareness practices and I graduated Mindfulness counselor.


Breaters is not a product, it’s an obligation.  I wanted to make this accessible to as many people as possible, a supportive path, based on the experience that has allowed me to free myself from a painful and problematic relationship with food and body. The need I had to free myself from my own food and weight struggles, has now become a method. The tools that form Breaters are the same tools that have worked for me. Everything I learned on my journey from feeling sad and defeated, to a person grateful to be alive, are all found inside Breaters.


The experience of change, not just physical change, which have revolutionized my life  became a book as well as a profession. In the pages of I Have Eaten Enough  A Step-by-Step Story, are the life-saving tools I discovered, the people I met and the beauty I learned to recognize in life. The aim of the book was to provide the readers with a “map” that I too would have needed at the beginning of the journey, when I was discouraged and I felt condemned to suffering with no way out.


I was born to be an engineer. But the only structure I couldn’t design was my own life. That’s because I was trapped in a 133 kg body. Traditional methods didn’t work, so thanks to the invitation of a friend, I agreed to look at the problem from another angle. By practicing awareness, my rebirth began and I left 50 kilos of suffering behind me.


Breaters makes complete sense and my the desire is to make the path of growth that has changed the quality of my life, accessible to everyone.  Myself and Georgio shared from the very first meeting the same vision to make help to people, who like us, suffer in their relationship with their bodies, food and emotions, more easy accessible.


I am a Nutrition Therapist and Mindful Eating Instructor. From my late teens into my mid twenties I struggled with emotional eating and had a difficult relationship with my body. As a nutrition professional who specialises in helping people with disordered eating I believe that food is much more than nutrients. We need to feed ourselves several times a day, and when this is an experience that is fraught with shame it makes our lives miserable.



I believe in the Breaters approach because I have experience some powerful changes through mindfulness and Mindful Eating, both personally and professionally with my clients. Learning to feed and nourish ourselves with kindness and compassion through awareness offers both rewarding and long lasting change.



I am a Clinical Psychologist and Mindful Eating Teacher,.
I use an integrated approach of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness Interventions to promote a healthier, happier and more balanced lifestyle. I have a passion for Mindful Eating stemming from my personal experience as ex-professional athlete.


I believe that the Breaters approach will lead to long term sustainable changes in a gentle but equally powerful manner. In my many years as therapist I am very excited about finding an effective and targeted approach to tackle emotional eating.

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